Smart Start opened for business in January of 1993. In the years since, we have focused on ignition interlocks and built one of the largest, most successful programs in North America, installing more than 200,000 devices. In 2008, Smart Start entered the global market and developed distributors in Australia and Sweden, with future plans to enter other European markets. Our large, active client base and experience working in 44 states gives us a unique perspective on operating efficient, effective, service-driven interlock programs.

Smart Start is renowned for its customer service - both to our paying clients and to the monitoring authorities that order the interlock devices. The devices' ease of use and the convenience of our service make Smart Start the preferred provider for clients. Our professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness in addressing the requirements of each state's monitoring authorities enhance Smart Start's visibility and influence within the industry.

Smart Start is the nation's premier provider of services and technologies that separate drinking from driving. We are the only firm in the industry offering fully integrated ignition interlock services, encompassing manufacturing, installation, service, and comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

Our proven interlock programs reduce death, bodily injury and property damage caused by drunk drivers. Our devices have prevented millions of vehicle starts when alcohol was detected in the driver's system. Interlock use also greatly reduces repeat arrests of DWI/DUI offenders. Monitoring is frequently a preferable alternative to jail time, reducing costs to taxpayers. Separating Drinking from Driving® allows offenders to work off their fines, support their families, pay their taxes, pursue treatment and contribute to society.